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Macroscopic Models of Clique Tree Growth for Bayesian Networks

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In clique tree clustering, inference consists of propagation in a clique tree compiled from a Bayesian network. In this paper, we develop an analytical approach to characterizing clique tree growth as a function of increasing Bayesian network connectedness, specifically: (i) the expected number of moral edges in their moral graphs or (ii) the ratio of the number of non-root nodes to the number of root nodes. In experiments, we systematically increase the connectivity of bipartite Bayesian networks, and find that clique tree size growth is well-approximated by Gompertz growth curves. This research improves the understanding of the scaling behavior of clique tree clustering, provides a foundation for benchmarking and developing improved BN inference algorithms, and presents an aid for analytical trade-off studies of tree clustering using growth curves.


O. J. Mengshoel, "Macroscopic Models of Clique Tree Growth for Bayesian Networks." In Proc. of the 22nd National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-07). July 2007, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 1256-1262.

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