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Fault Tolerance, Diagnostics, and Prognostics in Aircraft Flight

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In modern fighter aircraft with statically unstable airframe designs, the flight control system is considered flight critical, i.e. the aircraft will encounter a catastrophic event if the system fails. Consequently, the system design has to meet high levels of reliability and failure immunity. In this presentation, an overview will be provided on the basic concepts employed in flight critical system design for fault tolerance. Different methods of redundancy implementation, failure management, and health management will be discussed. Basic concepts in fault diagnostics will also be discussed, along with some new concepts for implementation of prognostics in reducing levels of physical system redundancy.


David S. Bodden is Lockheed Martin Senior Fellow. He recieved BS in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M; University in 1976 and MS in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech in 1984. Mr. Bodden’s technical career has encompassed a broad scope of technology areas. He has worked in structural dynamics, advanced design, conceptual design, flight control systems, and prognostics. His management experience includes six years as Chief of the Control Law design and Analysis Group followed by seven years as the Senior Manager of Flight Control Systems. Mr. Bodden was selected as a Technical Fellow in Flight Controls at LM Aeronautics in 2002 and as a Senior Fellow in 2007. Mr. Bodden has authored numerous papers and technical proposals, and managed numerous technology development programs. He served on the AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Technical Committee, he has served as the Chairman of the Lockheed Martin Corporate Task Force on Guidance and Control, he initiated and served as Chairman of the Lockheed Martin GNC Technology Focus Group, is former Chairman of the SAE Aerospace Control and Guidance Systems Committee, and he currently serves as Chairman of the Texas A&M; Aerospace Advisory Board.


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