Battery Health Management System for Electric UAVs

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Author(s) :
B. Saha, E. Koshimoto, P. Quach, E. Hogge, T. Strom, B. Hill, S. Vazquez, K. Goebel

In summary, this paper lays out a novel battery health management technique for application onboard an electric UAV. This technique is also applicable to other electric vehicles, like electric cars. Electric cars are not new; they were more popular and reliable at the turn of the twentieth century as compared to their gasoline powered rivals. However, the uncertainty in determining battery life plagued electric vehicles then as it does now. A recent report by the Consumer Electronics Association, ―Electric Vehicles: The Future of Driving‖, indicates that although these vehicles are increasing in popularity, running out of battery power on the road is the top concern for consumers (71% of adults surveyed). Thus developing advanced battery health management techniques is very important. the RUL pdf. This is turn can motivate and inform mission replanning activity. The PF prognostic framework can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of possible mitigation actions, thus improving operational safety and optimizing battery power.

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