Qualitative Event-based Diagnosis with Possible Conflicts: Case Study on the Third International Diagnostic Competition

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Author(s) :
M. Daigle, A. Bregon, I. Roychoudhury

We describe two model-based diagnosis algo- rithms entered into the Third International Diag- nostic Competition. We focus on the first diag- nostic problem of the industrial track of the com- petition in which a diagnosis algorithm must de- tect, isolate, and identify faults in an electrical power distribution testbed in order to provide cor- rect abort recommendations. Both diagnosis al- gorithms are based on a qualitative event-based fault isolation framework augmented with model- based fault identification. Although based on a common framework, the fundamental difference between the two algorithms is that one is based on a global model for residual generation, fault iso- lation, and fault identification, whereas the other uses a set of minimal submodels computed using Possible Conflicts. We describe, compare, and contrast the two algorithms in terms of practical implementation and their diagnosis results.

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