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Precursor Parameter Identification for Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Prognostics

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Precursor parameters have been identified to enable development of a prognostic approach for insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). The IGBT were subjected to thermal overstress tests using a transistor test board until device latch-up. The collector-emitter current, transistor case temperature, transient and steady state gate voltages, and transient and steady state collector-emitter voltages were monitored in-situ during the test. Pre- and post-aging characterization tests were performed on the IGBT. The aged parts were observed to have shifts in capaci- tance-voltage (C-V) measurements as a result of trapped charge in the gate oxide. The collector-emitter ON voltage V_CE(ON) showed a reduction with aging. The reduction in the V_CE(ON) was found to be correlated to die attach degradation, as observed by scan- ning acoustic microscopy (SAM) analysis. The collector-emitter voltage, and transistor turn-off time were observed to be precursor parameters to latch-up. The monitoring of these precursor parameters will enable the development of a prognostic methodology for IGBT failure. The prognostic methodology will involve trending precursor data, and using physics of failure models for prediction of the remaining useful life of these devices.

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